Professional Building Renovations

DW Tuck is a leading builder and renovator in the City of Barrie. Professional buildings like the Berger-Rowe building (located below) to Barrie City Hall, the Shoppes building on Dunlop Street East and the floor by floor renovation of the Blue Building between Highway 400 and Ferris Lane, are all part of our renovation history.

Historic Building Renovations — Professional Building Renovations

Berger – Rowe (continuing complete historical conversion to professional offices)


Barrie City Hall (inside 7 floor renovation)


Eplett Worobec Surveying (building conversion to light commercial)


Bell Farm Road Medical (building conversion to medical suites)


Cedar Point Plaza Renovation (Smitty’s conversion to offices)


 cedar_point_oldsmittys3 cedar_priortoteardown cedarpoint_inside